The war on drugs is the main mechanism used to criminalise, incarcerate and kill people of colour in the UK. Drug policy is a racial justice issue.

How does Drug Policy Affect Black and Brown Communities?

Commissioned by Regenerate Festival 2018

The War on Black Folks

Run time: 02:56

Through a compilation of found footage from the US and the UK, the war on drugs and it's affect on the black community is interrogated. 


Destroy the State

Run time: 02:50

Janet Cooper is a 27 year old black woman who just moved to Berlin from Queens, NY. After hearing her brother overdosed from a long time heroin addiction she takes the state into her own hands. 


What is the Meaning of Justice?

Run time: 01:31

A part of an ongoing series, Khaleb Brooks explores aspects of his identity and family history through personas. Robin, a young black man from the Southside of Chicago makes a Public Service Announcement.

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